How To Do Comedy

A Workshop For Girls and "Others"

GOLD "left me thinking, ‘Comedy IS a place for me. I can do this’ — and that’s priceless." – Holly Brockwell, Gadgette  

Give the gift of GOLD! Share our How to Do Comedy course with the special jokers in your life. 

Do you want to:

  • Make people LAUGH?
  • Make people LISTEN?
  • Make PEOPLE Magazine put you on the cover?

Have WE got a class for YOU!

With GOLD Comedy™, you will LEARN from comedy pros AND from PEOPLE LIKE YOU how to:
  • Write, tell, and sell a JOKE 
  • Uncover and unleash your TRUE COMEDY PERSONA
  • Assemble and perform a comedy SET

You will LEAVE WITH:

  • A sense of YOUR unique voice and lens on the world
  • A grasp of joke structure and craft
  • Your own original writing and presentation
  • The tools to help you apply what you've learned to ANY scenario you find yourself in
  • One less thing on your bucket list

This class is especially for

  • Teen girls,
  • AND anyone girl-adjacent
  • and anyone who doesn't hate laughter.

In other words, because we are all VERY MATURE, we welcome comedy nerds of ANY generation, and ANY gender. Whether you want to AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE literally (with a mic!) or figuratively (build your confidence and presence!), this is the place (and safe space) for you!

By the end of this course, you will complete:

  • The writing and refinement of (at least) 5 unique and original jokes
  • A presentation of your original comedy writing and performance for feedback from your friends and revision
  • A final project: A 1-minute performance of original standup-style comedy, recorded on video for optional sharing on YouTube (or the platform of your choice).

And, if you’re looking for ways to apply these skills to different parts of your life, don’t miss our special BONUS TRACKS to help you prep for real-life scenarios (including the scary ones -- think college admissions, job interviews, and more!) in a way that’s appropriate, authentic, and, yes, funny.

We're so glad you're here. Let's DO this!

Lynn Harris
GOLD Comedy (TM) founder
and the GOLD team

*grads of our F2F classes

What's included?

6 Videos
5 Quizzes
25 Texts

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What others have been saying about this course:

Monica Carmean

A smart way to find your funny!

This course is great for explaining the "how" of comedy. Sure, folks tell you that you're funny, but how do you actually write jokes? What kinds of jokes are there? What are *you* the funniest at? This course is fun and encouraging and tells you h...

Kaitlin Goldin


I have been in love with GOLD for a little while now, but this course really took things to the next level. Truly could not have been happier with the course. All the videos and writing assignments were so helpful, and they made the idea of being ...

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Give the Gift of GOLD! How To Do Comedy: A Workshop for Girls and "Others"